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Affordable Adaptive Solutions

Affordable Adaptive Solutions

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The ADAEZ Pro is a commercially rated ADA compliant door opening system.  The ADAEZ Pro requires no hard wiring because this door system has an on board battery pack which generates its own power therefore eliminating the need for electricity.  

The ADAEZ Pro should be used for doors using the 80/25 guideline; meaning the door should be used for approximately 80 manual door open and closes per day and should be used 25% or less of the time automatically.  When used in this manner the battery has a life of up to and sometimes over 12 years. 

The ADAEZ Pro is an accessible commercial door opener option for businesses, schools, medical offices, hospitals or other building who may need to retrofit a preexisting door rather than installing an entire new door system.  The controls are mounted on the door itself rather than frame mounted and can be installed in less than a day


Two wireless push buttons come with the door kit using wireless (RF) transmitters.  Push and pull as well as left and right swing arm options are available.  The swing arms are shock absorbing and have dynamic braking for high wind or extreme weather environments.  


The ADAEZ Pro accessible commercial door system allows for certain feature upgrades for situations where the building may go over the 80/25 guideline allowing for hard wiring of the door to allow it to be fully automatic at all times.  The battery then serves as a backup system for electrical failure situations.  The hard wiring comes with 50 feet of low voltage cable that requires a standard outlet for power.  With the low voltage feature of the wiring pack means that it also uses very little electricity for use. 

GDA Commercial Door Opener System

To be truly accessible, public doors must automatically swing open and closed to meet user demand.   The LE2 low energy commercial public access door opener provides the most cost effective door automation alternative for swinging doors in public places.

Using air pressure from a central compressor (sold separately), this system opens the door, holds it open, and then closes the door.  Needing only 90 - 100 PSI to operate, this pneumatically powered door opener is activated through wireless controls.  The system works on any size of wood, metal, or glass door up to 240 pounds.

The system includes everything needed for a single door – the opener, control box, two wireless wall switches, hose, and door signs, except the air source, which is matched to the application and sold separately.

  • ADA compliant - Easily retrofitted
  • Does not interfere with the existing door hardware
  • Easily installed and adjusted
  • No increased resistance when using the door manually
  • Low profile – compact opener mounts above the door, silent operation
  • Extremely reliable – 1 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Reacts immediately to any obstacle and opening door will stop at any point
  • Activated by wireless wall switches, remote control, pneumatic controls or low voltage controls
  • Interfaces with existing security systems such as magnetic locks and intercom systems
  • Virtually no maintenance except batteries for wireless wall controls

Model OS-200 Electro-Mechanical ADA Single Commercial Door Opener System

This Low Energy ADA compliant door opener can be used in light commercial applications such as restroom doors, apartment lobby doors, nursing homes, school doors, storefronts, and residential or pedestrian gates. When triggered via our remote controls or from push-button* the doors go through an open-pause-close cycle. 

Just as a standard door closer works, the operator system will close automatically with manual opening of the door.  This allows the door to open and close in case of power failure.

Includes:  Model 200 operator; two rugged wireless wall push pads; and wiring kit (AC adapter, wiring, and junction box) with transformer  

Powered Bath Lifts

Portable, battery-powered units such this one from BellaVita use large suction cups to securely attach the left to any tub shape.  Weighing just a shade over 20 pounds total, the two pieces easily fit together and come apart.  The lift features a floating, waterproof hand-held control with large, easy-to-use buttons.

Rising to a full height of 18 ½ inches, bathers up to 285 pounds can readily transfer to and from the edge of the tub.  Lowering to just 2.3 inches and reclining to 50 degrees, the lift allows a variety of comfortable bathing positions.

Padded seat and backrest included.  Washable cover and headrest are available as extras.

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