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Frequently Asked Questions About JAN's Remote Trainings

Information about how JAN's remote trainings work

The JAN Webcasts are currently free for one login. Registrations are for a single computer, not a person. Any number of people may participate at that computer through the single Web link provided by the registration. The login URL will be emailed to the address with which you registered the day before the training event. However, one registration fee allows you one login, which includes the e-mail with which you register and a password given three to five business days prior to the scheduled event.

How do JAN's remote trainings work?

JAN's remote trainings are distributed to users over the Internet using Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional, which is a Web conferencing system that allows you to view PowerPoint slides and an audio stream of the live presenters. To test your computer for compatibility, visit JAN's Webcast "lobby" as a "guest." If you can log in to see the pods and hear the music or read the captions, you will be able to log into any of JAN's live trainings. For answers to frequently asked questions related to the technology, visit Adobe.  

Are JAN's remote trainings accessible? 

All registrants will receive training materials for each session, which will be sent via e-mail three to five business days prior to the scheduled event. These materials will be in an accessible format and may include Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well as Adobe PDF files. Alternative format (large print, computer file, Braille) is provided upon request. Real-time captioning is available for every Webcast by Alternative Communication Services (ACS). An open caption window is provided during the webcast.

What is the best way to attend the webcast?

Any HTML5-compliant web browser can be used to join the meeting.  This includes any recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

Can I test my device/settings ahead of time?

You can visit our test lobby at any time to ensure you can properly connect to our meeting rooms and to adjust your screen and audio.

My sound is echoing - what should I do?

You might be logged into the webcast multiple times. Try closing all of your browser windows and logging into the Webcast platform again.

I don't hear any sound - what should I do?

There is music playing in the background of the test room and the Webcast lobby. If you don't hear any sound, please make sure to have the computer's speakers turned to the "on" position with the volume adjusted to meet your needs. Please note that there is a brief period of silence immediately before the training begins.

What is the call-in number for the Webcast?

There is no teleconference option for JAN Webcasts. All audio will be provided through your computer speakers. Captioning is also provided within the Webcast platform.

Will a recording and/or transcript be provided?

All JAN Webcasts are archived, and transcripts are made available with those archives. Generally archives are available within one to two weeks from the webcast date. Here you can find archived Webcasts.

Are the Webcasts eligible for CEU credits?

Our webcasts are approved for 1 HR CEU. We do not offer CEUs through any other organization (CRC, PHR, SPHR, etc.). The approval code will be provided via the certificate that comes up after the webcast evaluation is completed.

I've tried to log in to the room, but it gets stuck at ‘Preparing the room…”.   What should I do?

There can be a small delay of up to a minute for the room to load.   If the bar appears to stuck around 90% of the way through, try clicking on the ‘Refresh’ button for your browser.

It's recommended to test your browser ahead of time by visiting  the test lobby to ensure you're able to connect to our webcast room.

I have another question that isn't answered here - who can I contact?

If you have questions about accessing this event please call (800) 526-7234 (voice) and press 5 or (877) 781-9403 (TTY).  You can also use our Live Chat function.