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Screen Reader Scripting

Compatibility/accessibility issues can arise if an employer has proprietary software (custom applications) and trying to use screen readers like JAWS.  Result: the two pieces of software will not communicate or have difficulty working together. To accommodate, the original proprietary software might be redesigned to allow communication with JAWS software or scripts (computer programming) can be written to allow the screen reader to communicate with the program. 

Who can do this?

A computer technician familiar with screen readers may be able to write scripts.  Also, the state vocational rehabilitation agency or services for the blind and visually impaired may be able to assist with script writing. State VR, Commission for the Blind, Blind and Visually Impaired Services

It may also be helpful to contact the manufacturer of the original software and any assistive software being used to determine if they have dealt with this issue in the past, are working to solve the problem, or know of someone who already wrote scripts.  Some companies offering accessibility consulting services may also be able to write scripts.  Note: Writing scripts can take some time.