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Accommodation Ideas for Renal/Kidney Disease

Kidney diseases are diseases of the kidney substance that alter the structure and function of the kidney. There are many diseases of the kidneys such as glomerulonephritis, pylonephritis, polycystic kidney, and lupus nephritis. The treatment and potential for recovery depends on the type of disease. Kidney diseases can lead to kidney failure.

When an individual has mild kidney failure, dialysis or renal transplant is not required. However, the individual may need to take certain medications and abide by dietary restrictions. Dialysis is needed when the body alone can no longer remove enough waste products to sustain life.There are two forms of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is a process where excess waste products and water are removed from the patient's blood, which is drawn through a special created vein in the forearm, into a dialysis solution. Hemodialysis requires the use of a machine and one dialysis session takes about four hours to complete, usually three times a week. Peritoneal dialysis is performed by introducing dialysis solution into the peritoneal (abdominal) cavity through a catheter. Waste products and excess water from the body are passed through a natural membrane lining of the peritoneal cavity, and the solution can be drained out of the abdomen into a bag and be thrown away. Peritoneal dialysis usually involves four exchanges per day. Accommodations for individuals with kidney disease differ dramatically from one person to another.

Accommodation ideas for individuals with renal/kidney disease:



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