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Accommodation Ideas for Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is a nerve disorder in which tremors (shakes) occur without an identifiable cause when a person is moving or trying to move. Essential tremor of the hands typically occurs when the hands are in use. In contrast, tremors from Parkinson's are most prominent when a person's hands are at his sides or resting in his lap. Essential tremor can involve your hands, head and voice.

Essential tremor is the most common form of abnormal tremor. It resembles an exaggerated shaking. Essential tremor is a relatively benign condition, affecting movement or voice quality, but with no other effects. It involves a rhythmic, moderately rapid tremor of voluntary muscles. Purposeful movements may make the tremors worse, while avoiding hand movements may suppress the tremors completely. There may be difficulty holding or using small objects (such as silverware or writing utensils).

In the workplace, people with essential tremor may have difficulty writing, keyboarding and mousing, grasping small tools or items, and communicating. Limitations may be worsened by fatigue, stress and anxiety, and temperature extremes.

The following provides an overview of accommodations that might be useful for people with essential tremor:

Accommodation Scenarios:



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