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Accommodating Microscope Users with Motor Impairment(s)

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Individuals working at microscope workstations often report experiencing discomfort in their necks, shoulders, lower backs, and wrists. A logical result of this is that these individuals have difficulty maintaining their concentration and productivity levels suffer. JAN has received many requests for accommodating individuals who use microscopes at lab-type workstations and has come up with the following accommodation suggestions:

Questions to consider when evaluating a microscope workstation include:

Examples of JAN accommodation calls involving microscope users:

A clinical scientist with dexterity limitations due to a stroke had difficulty with fine motor movements. The individual's microscope was retrofitted with a personal computer (PC) and digital imaging. Alternative input devices were also used so that the operator could access the computer more easily.

An engineer with a back impairment who had to assemble small parts using a microscope had difficulty sitting for long periods of time. He was accommodated with an adjustable workstation and forward-leaning chair.

A medical assistant with use of one hand had problems using the keyboard to enter codes while analyzing materials through a microscope. The assistant was accommodated with a one-handed keyboard.

A technician with a burn injury was limited in her ability to hold her head in a single position for long periods of time. Her microscope observation tube was retrofitted with an adjustable inclined binocular tube that allowed a wide range of adjustments.



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