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seeBOOST is the first category of prescription glasses for Macular Degeneration and Diabetes that improves functional vision and Quality of Life.

One of the important tradeoffs with any wearable device is size and weight vs. field-of-view (the size of the display). Because seeBOOST is designed to improve central vision, we leave the remaining good peripheral vision open to help with situational awareness and reduce the effects of dizziness often associated with fully immersive devices.

seeBOOST automatically analyzes whatever you are looking at to improve contrast automatically. The focusing system is faster than the human eye, and enables performing tasks at any distance.

Magnification can be adjusted from 1.4-8.0x, for any task. The optical system is optimized for this range of magnification to provide high functional acuity for tasks like reading and recognizing details in faces. Adjustable magnification enables high versatility not found in fixed-magnification optics, which means you can perform a range of tasks with a single device.

Because seeBOOST is monocular, it does not cover up your entire face. As a result, other people can interact with you naturally during conversation, and see your expression.

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