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Zingui 2

Zingui 2

The new Zingui is faster, lighter and slimmer. Zingui 2 has an 8” touch screen and a modern, sleek and robust design. It has top-quality recording and playback features. This speech device is easy to use. Take it wherever you want with the handy in-use case. The Zingui has a high capacity battery and can be used all day long.

Display 8” WVGA, high brightness, capacitive touch screen
Audio Digital audio, integrated stereo speakers, high recording quality, headphone jack
Software Mind Express 4
Speech output  BrightSpeech (Acapela)
Weight 1 lbs 14 oz or 850 g
Dimensions  LxWxD: 218,5 x 138,5 x 23,2 mm
I/O USB port, WebCam, IR environmental control, 2 switch inputs for scanning, programmable switch

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