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X-keys USB Mouse Click Foot Pedal

X-keys USB Mouse Click Foot Pedal

The X-keys USB Mouse Click Foot Pedal is a three-tiered pedal preprogrammed for mouse button actions. The foot-activated pedal acts as your mouse, leaving your hands free to use the keyboard. Holding the center pedal down keeps the mouse button active to allow drag-and-drop operations. Clicking with a foot alleviates RSI issues if the operator experiences pain performing mouse click operations with the hand.

The user can rest a foot on the main pedal without activating it and "click" with just slight additional pressure from the toe or ankle. The outside pedals are easily reached to the left or right of the main pedal, and provide instant additional functions. While preprogrammed for Double Click and Right Click, they can be reprogrammed to provide any mouse, keyboard, game controller, or media command.

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