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Wireless Infrared Home Audio Headset System

Wireless Infrared Home Audio Headset System

Submerge Yourself in Pure Listening Pleasure! With ClearSounds wireless headphones you can enjoy your favorite movie, TV program, or Concerto at the exact volume you want without compromising sound quality or annoying the neighbors. Dynamic drive units offer true, well-defined sound, allowing you to shut out the world and submerge yourself in pure, listening pleasure.

The comfortable, lightweight ClearSounds headphones are easily adjustable. Listen to your favorite song in stereo or catch the latest sports on your ClearSounds IR Headset at any time and any volume, while the soft, padded configuration allows you to literally "feel" every sound. The dynamic drive units give you a true and well-defined soundstage, with a good bass, a focused middle and precise highs.

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