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SummerLight Light Therapy Headset

SummerLight Light Therapy Headset

The effective, safe and stylish, SummerLight LED-Headset channels light through the ear canal and skull to the light-sensitive parts of the brain where light affects mood and energy levels. 

The portable SummerLight Bright Light Headset lets you take the light with you everywhere, leaving your hands free to perform other tasks and allowing you to move around freely. It keeps Winter Blues at bay, and helps you feel your personal best, throughout the year, whatever the weather. This unique LED-product also helps world travelers lessen the impacts of Jetlag.

SummerLight Headset can help in treating and preventing so called “Winter Blues" SummerLight can also be used to help synchronize the biological clock (in other words it can be used to shorten the affects of Jetlag), to increase energy level, and to boost cognitive performance.

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