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Smart 3

Smart 3

The Smart is the smart solution to communicate anywhere, quickly and efficiently. This small portable communication device, with its clear and distinct voice output, can go anywhere. The Smart was designed for people with an active lifestyle.

Light, flexible, easy to use
The Smart is a very lightweight pocket-sized device. It combines excellent sound quality with a bright screen. The graphic communication program based on Mind Express 4, is a user friendly and versatile solution. Communication Vocabularies can be created and edited on the actual device or on a PC. The Smart uses text and symbol-related communication.

Ease of operation
The 4.3” screen has a high resolution providing an excellent view from all angles. The Smart is controlled by a finger or stylus. The settings of the touch screen can be adjusted by specifying the actuation and travel times to suit the user.

Display   Bright 4.3” WVGA touch screen
Audio   Integrated stereo speakers
Software   Windows Mobile + Mind Express 4
Speech output   BrightSpeech (Acapela)
I/O   1 USB port OTG
Weight   12 oz or 250 g

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Lakeland, FL 33801

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