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RocheDiabetes Health Connection ("RDHC")

RocheDiabetes Health Connection ("RDHC")

Direct, affordable connections to a healthier you

RDHC provides a digital diabetes management solution, accessed by employees through one easy app, that brings together automated health data collection from connected Bluetooth devices (blood glucose meter, BP monitor, weight scale). This consolidated health data is utilized by Certified Diabetes Educators for individualized risk-based care. We help manage and support employees with diabetes in efforts to reduce overall diabetes-related health plan costs and decrease the time employees spend on diabetes management. 

  • Pay only for active participants
  • 1:1 relationship between CDE and participant
  • Automatic unlimited test strips delivered to participants' doors
  • One-time upfront payment for additional devices addressing comorbidities (BP cuff, weight scale)

More Information:

Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.

9115 Hague Road
Indianapolis, IN 46256

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