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Respectful Interactions: Disability Language and Etiquette

Respectful Interactions: Disability Language and Etiquette

“Respectful Interactions” is designed to help businesses and organizations improve their interactions with customers, clients, and employees who experience disabilities. This convenient and cost-effective online course will help you, your business, or your organization feel more confident in using appropriate language and etiquette in relating to people with disabilities. 

Using videos that include first-person accounts from people with disabilities, this online course provides important information on:  

  • Myths and misconceptions about people with disabilities
  • Communicating with people who are deaf or hard of hearing through sign language interpreters
  • Using respectful and descriptive language with people who are blind or have low vision
  • Listening to and interacting with a person who has speech disabilities
  • Understanding the needs of people with non-apparent disabilities
  • The purpose and use of service animals 

More Information:

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7272 W. Marginal Way S.
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Seattle, WA 98108

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