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Readit Air

Readit Air

The Readit Air is for any visiually impaired or blind computer user, who desires near instant, easy and accurate access to printed or electronic format documents. Plug the lightweight camera into your desktop or laptop PC and it instantly translates any printed text into crystal clear speech. Read letters, receipts, bank statements, books, instruction manuals, all with ease. Using the pullout positioning guide also allows users with no vision at all to perfectly place their documents for scanning.

  • Read Faster & More Easily
  • Automatic Multi-Lingual Speech Output
  • Over 50 Enhanced Visualisation Modes
  • Magnification: Up to 32X on a 22" Screen
  • 5MP Images
  • Virtual X/Y Table in LiveView
  • Document Storage
  • Import/Export Documents
  • Text Highlighting
  • Easy Access Toolbar
  • Portability
  • Multi-Screen Support

More Information:

Beyond Sight, Inc.

5650 South Windermere St.
Littleton, CO 80120

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