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Port-A-Lift for Vehicles

Port-A-Lift for Vehicles

Not everyone owns a nifty 1972 Mini-Cooper like ours in the pictures above, but if you have a car you love, Port-A-Lift can make the difference between keeping it and selling it. The Port-A-Lift Personal Transfer system can make it simple to transfer from your wheelchair into virtually any car or truck. SUVs, minivans, 2-door coupes, station wagons, trucks, 4-door sedans and Mini-Coopers - Port-A-Lift can handle them all.

A simple mount is installed in the foot well by the side of the car, and a power socket installed in a convenient location for the Port-A-Lift plug. The Port-A-Lift swing arm and lifting mechanism rest on the mount, and are stowed in any cargo area when not in use.

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