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NeuroNode System

NeuroNode System

The NeuroNode System is the latest access solution for those with severe paralysis. Compatible with most speech generative devices (SGDs) and platforms, the NeuroNode System allows you to access full communication power with your body’s own EMG signals.

The main component of the NeuroNode System, the NeuroNode, non-invasively attaches to your skin above a chosen muscle group. When you attempt to activate that muscle, or minimally activate that muscle, the NeuroNode reads the EMG signal being generates a switch. This switch is then used to control your chosen device, regardless of platform.

Control Bionics’ founders been working with EMG technology for 20 years, their latest device, the NeuroNode is the ideal solution for children and adults with severe physical limitations and paralysis, making standard switching fatiguing and ineffective.


  • Simple. The NeuroNode is a completely wireless, wearable device. It’s connects quickly to any device equipped with Bluetooth low energy.
  • Flexible. Quickly calibrate the NeuroNode’s switching parameters within the NeuroNode Controller Application, included with the device and available on the iTunes store. Bluetooth Low Energy connection allows the device to be paired with most Windows, Android, and Apple devices including products available from Smartbox, Tobii Dynavox, PRC, and more.
  • Reliable. The NeuroNode’s unique EMG graphing abilities combined with the adjustable parameters within the NeuroNode Controller Application allow the user to reliably access their device. The built in recalibration feature will continuously recalculate and adjust the user’s EMG signaling abilities, creating reliable signaling abilities over the course of the day without caregiver intervention.
  • Compact. The NeuroNode is completely wireless and wearable. Finally – an access method that moves with the user.
  • Versatile. The NeuroNode can be used by both adults and children; providing an effective access method for those living with ALS, Cerebral Palsy, SCI, TBI, and more.

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