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Monarch Mark 1A

Monarch Mark 1A

The Monarch Mark 1-A is the hand control recommended most often by rehabilitation driving specialists! MPS's Monarch 1-A is the right choice in mechanical hand controls. It is a smooth operator, offering the most popular and most recommended method of operation. This smooth operating control allows for miles and miles of relaxing trouble-free driving. The brake is applied by pushing the operating handle directly towards the brake pedal. The accelerator is activated by moving the operating handle toward the driver's seat, at a right angle to the brake movement. These movements are the least fatiguing. The brake and accelerator can be used separately or simultaneously. Installation of MPS's products require a minimum amount of modifications to the vehicle. All hand controls and accessories may be used for either right or left hand activation. The hand control does require automatic transmission, and must only be installed on vehicles with power steering and power brakes.

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