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Microsoft Surface Pro - NXT Eye Gaze Bundles

Microsoft Surface Pro - NXT Eye Gaze Bundles

This Microsoft Surface Pro eye gaze bundle provides a complete system, and are designed to suit  people who need more than the tablet alone but are not needing the fully featured dedicated devices. 

This bundle is designed for:

  • Eye gaze featuring the new next level IntelliGaze NXT camera
  • Touchscreen access and alternate access can be added via Bluetooth or USB
  • Handy in-built stand and handle for use on or off the mount
  • Withstanding day-to-day bumps and knocks, especially the MP case

Supplied with Windows 11 Pro installed, Grid 3 (as nominated in select bundles) a Plugable Bluetooth adapter for phone connectivity via Grid 3, a USB hub and a carry bag . Zyteq's after-purchase service includes: Level 1 support for the life of the device, Zyteq's Premium Support Plan and Microsoft's Extended Hardware Service covering for up to three years which covers two replacement claims per warranty period on accidental damage, and Microsoft's 2-year Manufacturer's Commercial Warranty.

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