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Lumex HybridLX Rollator/Transport Chair

Lumex HybridLX Rollator/Transport Chair

The HybridLX from Graham-Field is an innovative rollator that combines the functions of a wheeled walker and a transport wheelchair in one easy-to-use, lightweight design. The HybridLX was designed with the user’s desire for independent mobility in mind. The ability to effortlessly transition from rollator to transport chair and back provides the ultimate in convenience and usability. Padded grips, secure loop-lock brakes, and large 8” wheels make it a perfect 4 wheel rollator, while the included pouch, removable footrests, wide 18” mesh seat and comfortable backrest mark it as an excellent transport chair.

All this comes in an ultra-compact design with a simple folding mechanism for convenient transport. The HybridLX is the only rollator/transport chair available with its own encompassing travel bag, making it easy to pack and take on plane flights and other long trips. This streamlined rollator/transport chair is easily first in its class for convenience and comfort.

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