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Light Bulb Changer Heads for Floodlight & Recessed Bulbs

Light Bulb Changer Heads for Floodlight & Recessed Bulbs

This pair of Light Bulb Changer Heads fit Floodlight & Recessed bulbs. The Floodlight head has soft nylon grippers and a spring finger design ensuring a secure fit around the bulb. It is designed to be used on any floodlight bulb that is NOT installed inside of a recessed can-type light fixture. Caution - If this head is used to do the former, the head and bulb could become lodged inside of the recessed can-type light fixture. The Recessed Bulb head is a suction cup design that attaches easily and securely to any smooth surface floodlight-sized bulb and includes a string used to release the suction cup from the bulb. This head can be used on any smooth surface floodlight, but is specifically designed to remove a burned out bulb from inside of a recessed can-type lighting fixture. Both heads fits the industry standard thread pattern found on our 16 and 11 3-section aluminum poles as well as our 11 3-section steel pole.

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