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LIGHTSPECS Men’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses

LIGHTSPECS Men’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses

You’ll find no fault in continuing to utilize disposable batteries in the modern age — in fact, most of Panther Vision’s innovative products rely on lithium cells and other methods.

That said, we acknowledge the usefulness and convenience of a rechargeable battery. This feature is especially useful with reading glasses that need only occasional use, and that’s why we’ve created the LIGHTSPECS® Men’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses.

You’ll create better sight lines with our innovative reading glasses, and you’ll save money due to no longer needing to purchase batteries for your previous lighting aid.

These men’s glasses project 12 lumens-worth of light from LEDs situated in the temples, which are slanted inward to create better overall focus and precision. You’ll gain the necessary coverage to read in bed, tinker in your workshop, maintain your car or engage in your favorite outdoor hobbies like fishing or hunting.

The rechargeable battery typically lasts up to four hours, and it only takes 2.5 hours to charge fully. We include the necessary charging cables with your purchase.

You’ll even benefit from our glasses’ sleek, fashionable design that fits any face. Choose between sophisticated black and quirky tortoise designs to meet your aesthetic tastes. Match the closest diopter that suits you with measurements of 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5.

The resiliency of our glasses serves as an added advantage we take pride in. We use a durable but lightweight polycarbonate to produce a reliable product that’s also comfortable when resting on the face for extended periods.

A well-built case gives your glasses a sturdy place to stay put and is sleek enough to fit within pockets, desk drawers and car compartments.

Experience the best way to read in the dark today with a pair of LIGHTSPECS® Men’s Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses!

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