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InvoTek Supplemented Speech Recognition (SSR) Program

InvoTek Supplemented Speech Recognition (SSR) Program

Some people are unable to use off-the-shelf speech recognition software because their speech or breathing isn't typical. Supplemented Speech Recognition is specifically designed for people who cannot use other systems. SSR tightly integrates word prediction and speech recognition to significantly reduce the amount of typing required to enter text. Research demonstrated that, even for people with very poor speech, typing requirements were reduced by 65% or more.

SSR uses the first letter of a word to significantly reduce the number of words possible at a given location in a sentence. This makes it easier to perform speech recognition and also enables a larger overall speech recognition vocabulary.

Requiring the first letter has benefits to the user:

  • It provides a clear cue for when to speak (e.g. shortly after typing the first letter), making respiratory planning easier for people with severe disability.
  • It reduces co-articulation among words, making speech easier to understand.

SSR learns new words as you say them, so it becomes fine-tuned to the way that you write and the way that you speak. With use the system significantly reduces the amount of typing that you have to do.

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