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Industrial Ergonomic Stainless Steel Sit Stand Stool

Industrial Ergonomic Stainless Steel Sit Stand Stool

The Industrial Stainless Steel Sit Stand Stool by ergoCentric is an easy to use, cleanroom certified (Class 100) Sit Stand Stool. Specifically made to meet the stringent wash down requirements for food processing and pharmaceutical environments - designed for workstations where workers must stand continuously in one position. Features a hook adjustment mechanism for simplified seat height adjustment at 6 different heights.

The ergoCentric+Guard seat is a high friction, coefficient formula that adds anti-slip protection as compared to vinyl upholstery. The coating offers the same superiority in durability and comfort with an advanced level of anti-slip protection for added safety. Also features no "harbor points" and no moving parts - additionally, spacing between the seat and seat plate allows for spray through and hand cleaning.

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