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IRISNotes 3

IRISNotes 3

The smart digital pen that converts your handwritten notes to editable digital text

At meetings, in lessons, or just at home: IRISNotes™ 3 converts your writings into editable digital text. It recognizes any writing (isolated characters and cursive handwritten text) and digitises it very reliably. Don't waste any more time transcribing your notes onto the computer: IRISNotes™ 3 does it for you. The notes are stored in the memory of the receiver (in .ink or .note format), ready to be edited, shared, and archived.

  • Recognizes handwriting (30 languages), graphs, and drawings
  • Digitize your notes whilst keeping the simplicity of a classic pen (standard paper and ink!)
  • Export your digital notes to your favorite text editor (Word, Notepad, Outlook)
  • Share your notes, video memos and annotated photos—anywhere!
  •  Built-in lithium battery (chargeable via USB): up to 10 hours of continuous writing
  • Note pad capable of storing up to 100 A4 pages, operating via infrared
  • Bluetooth connectivity to transfer your notes to any mobile device (iOS/Android)
  • Standard ink cartridge included. Refills available from our online store
  • As lightweight and comfortable to use as a traditional pen.

More Information:

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