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Hydrolyte Pre-Thickened Water

Hydrolyte Pre-Thickened Water

Designed to meet the special needs of those with swallowing impairments, Thick & Easy Hydrolyte® Water is already thickened, eliminating the task of mixing at meal or snack time.

Hormel Thick & Easy Hydrolyte® Thickened Water is refreshing and great tasting with a hint of lemon. The smooth consistency makes it easy to consume for those with swallowing difficulties. It provides 100% of vitamin C and 98% free-fluids upon digestion. Thick & Easy has also added electrolytes to the thickened water to aid in rehydration. Comes packaged in 24 ready-to-serve 4 ounce cups with easy peel lids, just chill and serve. Please specify honey or nectar consistency when ordering.

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