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HomeAware™ Complete Home Alerting Solutions - HA360MK

HomeAware™ Complete Home Alerting Solutions - HA360MK

Sonic Alert is extremely proud to introduce the new HomeAware™. This complete home alerting system has been designed with a digital-RF technology to provide the safest and most reliable method of sending and receiving a wireless signal.

The HA360M Main Unit incorporates safety, security and peace of mind. Each time a transmitter sends a signal, the alert message will scroll across your HA360M display, such as DOOR, PHONE, etc. No matter the degree of your hearing or visual challenges, you are sure to be alerted with the 110 dB extra-loud alarm, powerful bed shaker and the large 2 inch notification alert scrolling on the display.

Additional receivers will extend the range another 1,000 feet, and so on. By adding the new HA360BU SonicBridge unit, HomeAware™ is the only wireless system that is compatible with all existing Sonic Alert remote receivers.

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