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Ellwood Foot Guards

Ellwood Foot Guards

Whatever your industry, whatever the hazards to your workers' knees, shins, insteps, feet, or toes, Ellwood Safety has the protection you need.
Ellwood Safety's Sankey Foot Guards, to begin with, the foot guards are metal shields worn over shoes for maximum protection to the entire foot - instep as well as toes - against falling, rolling, or flying objects or accidental tool blows. They are designed to withstand an impact of 75 foot pounds, with a large safety factor designed in.
Foot guards fit any shoe (no rights or lefts), with 5" (average) and 5'/2" (large) widths. They are light enough to be worn comfortably all day. To keep the guard properly positioned, it has a rubber toe clip, crossbar, and either a one-piece rubber strap with a tension buckle, or a two-piece leather strap with a spring fastening device.

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