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The Optelec ClearView+ desktop CCTV video magnifier systems use state of the art HQV image processing technology resulting in smoother character edges, vivid colors and higher contrast. The ClearView+ systems magnify anything placed under them from 3 up to over 95 times its orginal size, always maintaining perfect focus. The ClearView+ features a specially designed high quality LCD flat panel monitor screen and lighting design, for optimal visual enhancement. Best of all, the entire system can be controlled with a single button, and customized to meet your exact needs.

With the ClearView+ magnification and mode buttons placed on the table, the user can change settings without removing their hands from the table. The need for repetitive arm lifting is eliminated. Moreover, the ultra low table wrist pads offer continuous support for increased comfort and speed. The “one touch” electronic table brake, instantly and effortlessly stops all sliding movements so the user never looses their place. Not frequently used buttons are placed behind a slider.

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