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Bellman and Symfon Visit Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safe Value Pack 8

Bellman and Symfon Visit Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safe Value Pack 8

Stay alerted to various events in your home with this safety package from Bellman and Symfon. Their smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors pair with a central Visit system which, when either alarm is triggered, will alert the user with loud sounds, long vibrations, and bright flashes. Perfect for users with hearing impairments, the Visit system can even be paired with further transmitters to create the pinnacle of home safety and security.

Features of Smoke Alarm
- Photoelectric alarm detects smoke and smoldering fires at early stages
- 85dB alarm
- T3 sound pattern (beep-beep-beep-pause)
- Sends signal to any Bellman Visit receiver (see Accessories tab)
- Low battery monitoring— smoke alarm beeps and flashes red light when it's time to change the battery
- Test Mode/Silent button allows you to disable alarm for 10 minutes while cooking
- Ceiling or wall mount
- Up to one-year operation with one 9V alkaline battery (included)

Features of CO Alarm
- Alerts to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide
- Uses advanced electrochemical sensor technology
- Powered with sealed, 10-year, non-replaceable lithium battery
- 10-year warranty on both CO alarm and battery
- Part of the Visit-Smart Home System

Features of Alarm Clock Receiver
- Extra loud ascending audible alarm
- Powerful vibrating bed shaker with sound
- Large LCD display with backlight and 4 flashing LEDs
- Telephone jack input for using the clock as a phone signaler
- Visit signaling receiver capabilities
- Nightlight beacon
- Battery backup
- Two-year warranty

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