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AngelEye Smart Glasses

AngelEye Smart Glasses

AngelEye Smart Glasses are designed to facilitate visually impaired people’s daily life. Working with an smartphone or specialized control box, it captures visual information, analyzes and communicates the result in audio for visually impaired to perceive the world.AngelEye Smart Glasses are a powerful intelligent device with stylish industrial design. It’s slim, portable, and reliable, powered by NextVPU’s Technology (NextVPU’s Intellectual Property)

  • Weight - 45-90grams (0.1-0.2lb)
  • Size - 17*15*4.8 (cm)
  • Connection - USB2.0 OTG
  • Power consumption - Under full load conditions: 1.2watt at room temperature (25°c)
  • Working temperature - -40 °C +70°c (-40°f to 158°f)



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