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Android Based AAC/Speech with a 9.6" Samsung Galaxy Tablet, TalkTablet Speech App, Carrying Case

Android Based AAC/Speech with a 9.6" Samsung Galaxy Tablet, TalkTablet Speech App, Carrying Case

This is the most talked about AAC/Speech package available today.  


At ONLY $499.99 (US) it includes a top-rated Samsung Galaxy 9.6"  tablet, a drop-resistance carrying case/stand (choose 1 of 7 colors), and a copy of award-winning TalkTablet speech software (Android version).  

This package ideal for children or adults that prefer a larger display. The drop-resistant case provides peace of mind for those who may have a habit of dropping a tablet and don't want to break it. 

Speak by touching buttons that contain predefined words or phrases 

• Add random text to phrases using the embedded on-screen keyboard 

* Includes over 30,000+ Symbolstix symbols, the most in the industry

Choose one of the included vocabularies and start communicating today! 

• TalkTablet includes NINE (9) SLP designed starter vocabularies that offer 16 to 48 buttons/page. OR create a new vocabulary of your own design

Expand your pages along with the user's progression 

• Each grid size (buttons/page) can be increased or decreased at any time to suit your needs 

• Transition to literacy with word prediction

EASY, EASY customization 

• Add buttons, pages, or new vocabularies in a flash. The most intuitive AAC app available today.

• Choose from over 30,000 SymbolStix™ symbols (worlds largest AAC library), or take photos with the camera, use photos from your album, or add Google images to your buttons

• Create unlimited user vocabularies from a single app

• Change color, font, borders, backgrounds and more on each button or page

• Buttons can be made invisible, dimmed or normal

• Move buttons by simply pressing, holding and dragging to new location

• Copy and paste buttons between page or user vocabularies

• Prevent unwanted editing by enabling a password to the editing area

• Prevent unwanted repeated tapping of buttons with the “Tap Delay” feature• Includes natural sounding voices (not robotic) in multiple languages..OR use the included audio recording function to record voices or sounds* Share buttons, pages or entire vocabularies WIRELESSLY with other TalkTablet users.

• Built-in backup and restore feature to safeguard your pages, including our free offsite backup service• Compatible with handheld and tablet devices running Android

• An internet connection is NOT required to use TalkTablet. It is a “stand alone” app

• Includes toll free telephone technical support and free updates….for LIFE

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