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The Lingraphica AllTalk™ is their most versatile communication device designed to help individuals with communication disorders easily and quickly communicate their feelings, wants, and needs

The AllTalk’s icon-based language system includes more than 4,400 adult-appropriate graphic icons and animations that represent 9,000-plus words, empowering you to find your voice by quickly building phrases to help you reconnect with your family, friends, and community. The AllTalk is lightweight, ultra-sleek, and can be positioned as a laptop, tablet, tent, or stand for convenient use in a variety of settings. This flexibility makes it easy to transport and use, so you can communicate confidently no matter where you go or what you do.


  • Communicate your needs, health, activities, and more with a vocabulary of adult-focused icons 
  • Communicate in real-time by typing what you want the device to speak 
  • Select from a variety of voices to match your personality Communicate Your Way 
  • Go where you need to go with a lightweight, portable device
  • Use the device for extended time thanks to a long battery life
  • Interact with the device using a touchscreen, stylus, or keyboard 
  • Quickly communicate your most commonly used phrases with the FastTalk page
  • Use the email and whiteboard features to communicate with friends and family Make It Yours 
  • Express yourself by creating custom icons and phrases 
  • Create and save multiple sentences and phrases
  • Configure the language system to your unique needs with customizable settings

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