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Aeir Talk

Aeir Talk

Aeir Talk is a custom flashcard application for the iPad that teaches your child new vocabulary, the alphabet, numbers, how to spell and even how to use new words in sentences. To create your flashcards, take/select an image and record your voice describing the picture using the iPad’s microphone. After you label your new flashcard, you’re ready to make another. Each time the user touches an image, they hear their parent/teacher’s voice come out of the iPad, allowing the users to associate what they’re seeing to the voice they hear. There is no limit to what you can create, or to the amount of cards you can create.

With Aeir Talk you can make custom "Noun" or "Verb" flash cards, encouraging sentence creation. When each card is touched, they travel to the bottom of the screen, where the nouns and verbs are played in a sentence. Users are not only learning new vocabulary, but also how to use it effectively. ?

Children enjoy interacting with Aeir Talk. Touching the images and hearing their parent/teacher’s voice reciting what the image is, creates an entertaining game that not only encourages cognitive development, but is fun to play. Customize the app for your child’s needs and you’ll be amazed at what they can learn. Make learning fun again, purchase Aeir Talk today.

Advantages or Aeir Talk:

No more unfamiliar faces, objects or sounds. Each card can contain pictures of family members, pets, animals, household items, or even colors. The sound describing the card is the voice not of a computer, but a parent or caregiver.

Learn Like Playing A Game
Aeir Talk's interface delights with its simple mechanic of swipes and taps to move through your flash cards. It's irresistible for kids, who come back again and again—learning by accident as they play their favorite "game".

Beneficial to Individuals with Special Needs
Because of its interface, individuals with limited motor ability or speech delay can benefit from the use of Aeir Talk. It is easy to navigate, and caretakers can easily customize it for the users needs.

No Limitations
Users can create what ever cards they want. Phrases can be recorded into the cards, new images can be quickly added, and new sentences can be made with a simple touch. You can even record in any language. The only limit you have, is your imagination.

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