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Active Listening, Hearing Proctection

Active Listening, Hearing Proctection

A noise compression hearing protector with "active" listening. Adds up to 16 dB of amplification to low level sounds while limiting speaker output to 82 dB. NRR 25


  • The active-volume function ‘listens’ to your surroundings and adapts to what it ‘hears’. Each ear shell has a microphone that captures all sounds. The electronics inside analyse the information and process the sound before reproducing it to the ear
  • Easy-to-handle volume control knobs for radio and active-volume function
  • A short, flexible antenna provides excellent reception with no annoying interference, even in harsh conditions
  • The sound level of the radio never exceeds 82 dB(A)
  • Standard J11 connection (Nexus TP-120)
  • Switches automatically from stereo to mono for the best reception in the event of a weak signa
  • Effective hearing protector
  • FM/AM switch to choose your radio reception
  • Choose your own music by connecting a CD or MP3 player

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