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AXIL - XT4 Electronic Ear Muffs

AXIL - XT4 Electronic Ear Muffs

The XT4 allows you both volume and frequency control. Protect and amplify your hearing to where, even at full volume, you can confidently pull the trigger knowing that the sound-blocker circuit kicks in above 85 dB. The Noise Rating Reduction (NRR) is 25 dB. The four microphones allow for greater situational awareness. 
- XT4 electronic head muffs, feature SportEAR’s signature lightweight polymer plastic for a comfortable and light fit plus rugged durability. 
- They provide hearing protection for a wide range of field conditions and utility in all kinds of shooting, motor-sports and other situations. 
- 25 dB NRR 
- Four Directional Microphones 
- Automatically Blocks Out Sounds Over 85 dB 
- Easy to Reach Volume and Frequency Dials

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