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6.5 Feet Heavy Duty Cable Protector + Cord Cover

6.5 Feet Heavy Duty Cable Protector + Cord Cover

Black 3 Channel PVC Floor Cord protector is the perfect way to securely hold and conceal your cords, wires, and cables.

Flexible PVC Material is Easy to Unroll and Cut:
Unlike rubber floor cord protectors, this high quality PVC has no strong smell out of the box, is easy to unroll, and requires no additional treatment (heating, boiling) to lay flat. Easy to cut to any desired length with a knife or a strong pair of scissors, rugged and durable to hold up to repeated wear.

Three Large Channels for Cords Big and Small
Power cords, coax cables, ethernet / CAT5 cables, and any other type of wire can be stored securely across three deep channels. The middle channel (0.93 x 0.42 inches in size) holds up to five power cords or ten ethernet cables. The two side channels (0.75 x 0.39 inches in size) each hold one power cord or two ethernet cables. (Note: the three channels for this cord protector come unopened. They can be easily opened with scissors or a knife.)

Yellow Stripes for Visibility and Safety
Bright yellow stripes run along the length of the top of the cord protector to ensure that it is safely visible and that you don't trip over it.

Great in Both Indoor & Outdoor Settings
This floor cord protector is perfect for offices, homes, warehouses outside events, or outdoor settings. Whether it is for safety in a high foot traffic walkway or to organize loose cords, this durable, versatile protector can handle it.

Length 2 meters / 6 feet 6 inches
Exterior: 3.27 inches width x 0.67 inches height (83mm x 17mm) 
Middle Channel: 0.93 inches width x 0.42 inches height (22.5mm x 10.7mm) 
Side Channels: 0.75 inches width x 0.38 inches height (19mm x 10mm)

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