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Finding a Job that is Right for You: A Practical Approach to Looking for a Job as a Person with a Disability

Step 2: Who can help you to find the right job?

As a person with a disability, who can help me find a job?

Your state rehabilitation agency can provide you with a counselor and can help you get a vocational assessment, get training or education, prepare your resume, and/or assist with your job search. Your state vocational rehabilitation agency can be found at http://soar.askjan.org/IssueConcern/214.

I am receiving social security benefits. Are there any programs designed to help me find work?

If you receive benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) , then you may want to ask for help from an Employment Network. These Employment Networks work with the Social Security's Ticket-to-Work Program to find jobs for people who receive social security benefits. These employment networks, like the state vocational rehabilitation agencies, are funded to help you get a job.

To learn more about the Ticket-to-Work Program, please go to http://www.chooseworkttw.net/.

To find a local service provider to assist you in going to work, you may want to start at http://www.chooseworkttw.net/findhelp/.

Are there local resources where I can go to find a job?

If you are looking for local help, you will definitely want to visit your local One-Stop Career Center. One-Stop Centers are local employment or career offices throughout the country. The U.S Department of Labor funds these Centers. To find a One-Stop Center anywhere in the country go to: http://www.servicelocator.org. Many One Stop Centers have Disability Navigators who can help you navigate through the variety of programs and services.

Are there other places I should look for a job?

A job bank allows you to post your resume on the Internet for employers to see. Below are a number of job banks where you may want to post your resume. The first group of job banks is for everyone. The second group is specifically designed for job searchers with disabilities. The third group specifically provides service in for Spanish speakers. Finally, the last group is for service members and their families as they look for work.

Many of these Websites also have other information that may be helpful during your search for the "right" job. For a complete guide to looking for a job on-line, please go to the Riley Guide Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet at http://www.rileyguide.com/

Job Banks

Disability-Related Job Banks

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Military Specific Job Banks


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