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Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing may benefit from the use of Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services during small and large group communication situations when verbatim conversation is essential to effective communication. CART is a process of converting speech into text through a third party (CART writer). A trained CART writer or stenographer uses a keyboard or stenographic machine to transcribe spoken speech into written text which is then transmitted onto a viewing device (e.g., computer monitor, video screen). Many captioning services offer remote CART and internet captioning where the CART writer is not physically present at the event but can listen-in through a telephone line.

The following manufacturers and vendors can provide information on prices, availability of products, and usefulness of products. If you would like to return to Step 1 and select another impairment, go to:

20/20 Captioning & Reporting
PO Box 8593
Topeka, KS 66608
Toll Free: (866)554-2099
Direct: (785)286-2730

Toll Free: (800)332-0266
All American RealTime/Captioning Services, Inc.
4242 Medical Dr., Ste. 2100
San Antonio, TX 78229-5641
Toll Free: (888)306-ARTS
Direct: (210)805-7094
Alternative Communication Services, LLC
PO Box 278
Lombard, IL 60148
Toll Free: (800)335-0911
Direct: (630)456-5124
Fax: (813)926-7875
Archive Reporting & Captioning Services
100 N. 10th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Toll Free: (800)870-1795
Caption First
P.O. Box 3066
Monument, CO 80132
Toll Free: (800)825-5234
Fax: (719)941-9556
Caption Source
Direct: (830)981-4494
Fax: (830)755-4344
Deaf Link, Inc.
Deaf Link
Afton Oaks II
500 N Loop 1604 E
San Antonio, TX 78232
Direct: (210)590-7487
TTY: (210)590-7487
Fax: (210)590-7203
Hear Ink
St. Louis, MO 63114
Direct: (314)427-1113
Fax: (314)427-0506
Machine Shorthand Info Site
NCRA CART Provider Directory
8224 Old Courthouse Road
Vienna, VA 22182-3808
Toll Free: (800)272-6272
Direct: (703)556-6272
TTY: (703)556-6289
Fax: (703)556-6291
Blue Triangle BulletGo to the website above to locate CART services in your area.
National Court Reporters Association
8224 Old Courthouse Road
Vienna, VA 22182-3808
Toll Free: (800)272-6272
Direct: (703)556-6272
TTY: (703)556-6289
Fax: (703)556-6291
Blue Triangle BulletListing of certified CART providers
Premier Visual Voice
Bedford, OH 44146
Direct: (216)246-9477
1330 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Suite B1
Washington, DC 20036
Toll Free: (877)885-3172
Fax: (202)464-6810
RealTime Reporters

Toll Free: (866)866-0176
Fax: (888)407-0161

Direct: (608)234-4759
1286 University Ave #214
San Diego, CA 92103
Toll Free: (858)794-6811
Fax: (760)645-6286

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