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JAN's Federal Employer Winter Webcast Series (2013)

Find practical solutions with JAN's 2013 Federal Employer Winter Webcast Series. JAN will provide three free 1.5 hour Webcast sessions in 2013. The three part series will cover medical inquiries in Federal sector hiring and employment, reasonable accommodation, and best practices. JAN will welcome guest speakers from the Environmental Protection Agency and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and one session will be provided from its highly trained Principal Consultants. Audience members will include Federal disability program managers, hiring managers, supervisors, EEO representatives, selective placement coordinators, and others involved in hiring and managing workers in the Federal government.

JAN Webcasts are available at no cost. Gather your employees together in a room for live, in-service training. Educate yourself, management, and other employees on disability etiquette, assistive technologies, management techniques, and the latest on accommodations and the employment provisions of the Rehabilitation Act. All Webcasts begin at 2 pm eastern and continue for 1.5 hours. You must register to attend.

Housekeeping: How JAN Webcasts Work

Registrations are for a single computer, not a person. Any number of people may participate at that computer through the single Web link provided by the registration. However, one registration allows you one login, which includes the e-mail with which you register and a password given three to five business days prior to the scheduled event.

Register for JAN 2013 Federal Webcast Series

January 23, 2013 (rescheduled from January 9, 2013). JAN Webcast: Medical Inquiry in Federal Sector Hiring and Employment

February 6, 2013. JAN Webcast: Reasonable Accommodation: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

April 24, 2013. (rescheduled from March 6, 2013). JAN Webcast: Best Practices in the Employment of People with Disabilities in the Federal Government


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